Top Ten Tips On How To Seduce A Married Woman

Ten Tips on How to Seduce a Married Woman

With the Guys Get Girls eBook, I have been enjoying a wonderful flirting and seductive relationship not just with married women by also with women in general. Since I’m a generous person and I want to share my newly acquired flirting skills for all of you, I’m going to give you top ten tips not just on how to seduce a married woman but all women you’re interested in. These tips on how to attract women are lifted from the Guys Get Girls eBook with a little supplementary information based on my own experiences. Thank me for your success later.

1. Be hard to get. When you learn how to seduce a married woman, you also learn that women are not the only ones who are allowed to be hard to get. We can also use that same technique in order to attract women. You can play hard to get simply means not showing the girl that you’re not that into her at first. For instance, don’t focus solely on her in a group conversation and take interest into what her friends are saying. At this point, the second tip on attracting women will also help you.

2. Create a little competition. As stated in the first tip, you need to act like you’re not into her by also showing interest in her friends or other women in the group. You see, this creates a subconscious competition among them, making them unconsciously think of wanting you all for themselves. You will be surprised at how effective this trick is when I tried it, especially when you apply it on how to seduce a married woman.

3. Touch her arm. The outer portion of the arm isn’t too intimate to be uncomfortable for anyone you are interested in. Just lightly touch their arm during a conversation. It will make physical intimacy easier for them in the long run.

4. Hug or kiss her goodbye. This will ensure that you will be remembered by the woman you like even after the date is over. However, make sure that the woman is comfortable with the intimacy first.

5. Give her options. When you hit on a woman, it is important that you give her a choice instead of merely asking her for something because she will most likely accept an offer when given a choice. This is also extremely useful on how to seduce a married woman. For instance, instead of asking to have lunch, ask her on whether she would be more comfortable to lunch or exchanging numbers instead.

6. Take care of your appearance. This is an important factor that most men take for granted, especially for those who want to make a good impression. As Guys Get Girls author Tiffany Taylor says, shave, shower, stylish, smell, shoes.

7. Smile. This will instantly make you appear friendlier and more accommodating.

8. Appear confident. Women hate men who are pushover and those they can easily dominate with just an icy glare. Sit or stand upright and tilt your head slightly for an appearance of a confident man.

9. Maintain eye contact. This shows that you’re interested in what she’s talking about and that you’re willing to listen.

10. Show open palms. Study shows that open palms in a conversation subconsciously create an impression of honesty and sincerity. So the next time you’re gesticulating, show your palms.

You may think that attracting women is no easy feat but with these tips on how to seduce a married woman and other women in general, you will surely be a success.


31 thoughts on “Top Ten Tips On How To Seduce A Married Woman

  1. I’m married 30 male fathers of 2 children. Before marriage there was a girl who is far relative to us, we used to talk a lot on phone for hours, even though we didn’t proposed to each other I’m sure she was attracted to me because she just want to hear me even midnights even though she couldn’t talk from the other end & also invited me when there were nobody at home but I couldn’t make it. When I always tried to dominate her she tries a bit to give it back but later she won’t and says your wish, she was very friendly but didn’t spelled flirting, but I stepped forward and called her darling too, though she didn’t reacted positive but not even rejected when I always called her like that. With family obligations she was married to somebody else and now mother of a child. After marriage she almost disconnected me, when I tried in between there was no proper response looked like she’s no more interested. But now she suddenly herself came in contact again asking me to be in touch blaming as if I’m ignoring her. But she is always trying to point out that we are friends, right?!She is single at home when her husband leaves to job till evening, she looks very happily married also. Now we are 250kms far from each other she lives in some other city, of course even before marriage she was at another place. I want to seduce her; I want to have sex with her. How? Can you please help me; I’ll give more info if needed.

  2. 4th point does not work in indian culture as women here are conservative and orthodox any other suggestion instead of this any how article is gud…………..

  3. When you learn to tell stories, and place commands into those stories, you begin to develop one of the most powerful tools any man could ever possess in the dating world. This allows you to literally command her to feel any way you wish and think about anything you want.

  4. I am loving a married women and she is very beautiful and her husband lives 400km away from her and they meet only during weekends may be sometimes not. Recently she is taking to me verymuch and I am also taking to her regularly during our train journey every day. we keep minimum taking over the phone and we are regularly talking over the person. she boards the train before me and she keep my seat un-engaged so that i can sit just next to her. she some times quarrel with me but very next day that quarrel ends off. she is telling that she will be transferred to my area because we meet frequently. some times she tease me but by the evening she will release the situation. my question to you is how to get her to my bed?

      • Not quite sure that will help the situation or help him communicate with her, maybe if you read the synopsis of the book you would understand its not all about getting women into your bed but understanding them better to enhance your relationhip with women which could quite possibly progress to a physical relationship.

    • Idiot what are u waiting for make the first move if she wants you she will let you know if not move on to someone who does want you

  5. I am just 18 yrs old and i love my neighbour.She is 40 years old and her husband is already 60.Therefore she is not enjoying her sex life.I think she is interested in me but i do not have the guts to call her for sex or a date.Please help me.

    • A quick response for you what I would say is just start up a conversation with her and spend some time with her. Maybe help her with odd jobs around the house get to know her a little better the more you get to know her the more you will understand her feelings towards you and also you will be able to share your feelings for her.

      If you want a bit more help leave a comment with your email address or read a couple chapters from the e-book it will give you a lot more information on how to move forward links above.

  6. I’m 20 year old I have a neighbour tht I like she iz married wth four kids and she stys nxt to my house whenever I see her I turn on I have been gud to her and have talked to each other bt I havr never said tht I liked her but I’m afraid if I tell her she mght tel her husband abt that whenever we meet she smiles and greets me plzz help me I rly like my neighbour plz help me

  7. Hey! Hi all. . I’m a married woman of 25yrs, as am from a village where I got married at a young age of 18 to a guy of 25, at first it all went very good later I found that he dosent have a proper sperm count to produce a baby!!! I found too guilty for data n I thought it was ma fate.
    I always feel sorry for him, moreover I wish I too have a. baby like other woman do!
    And there is a neighbour of 23yrs who is very friendly n kind to me, he knows ma issues very well n I must say I have a great lust n desire for him!!! He recently completed his engineering n presently owns a construction!!!
    I tried many times to be in his court so does he!!! Problem is I’m already married in an Orthodox family, and I want to have sex with that guy too badly at da same time I want to be safe!!!!
    What to do?! Please someone let me know.

    • From what you have described you have a couple options first is get a divorce if you are unhappy and you are not getting what you want from your relationship you have to break it off. Your second option is to adopt a child who will allow you to stay in your current relationship and have your own relationship.

  8. I am a 44 yr old white male, and I do landscaping, sprinkler systems, and Yard Designs with Fountains, etc. I also have regular yard maintenance customers. One in particular has a working husband who leaves for work while I am there. Sometimes they need me to do work on a second or even third day per week. EVERY TIME I see him yell “Later” as he runs out the door, and he NEVER hugs or kisses her goodbye. She is 54, looks 40, and is always baking and cooking. She found out I love cinnamon and baked me delicious cinnamon cookies. 2 weeks ago, as jerko ran off to work, I noticed that she had positioned herself at the door, obviously for a kiss or hug, and I watched in dismay as he pushed past her and left. I walked around the house to the front door and she was still standing there, tears on her beautiful face. I wiped them away and she looked at me, and I didnt miss a beat, and I told her that I would like to know if, when I had to leave, I could kiss and hug her goodbye. She smiled, and said that I could, but only if I came in, showered, and made love to her first. So I did, and then I kissed and hugged her goodbye. Last week when I arrived, she smiled when she saw me, and as soon as jerko left, she ran out into the back yard, yelling that there was an emergency repair in the house. As I came running up I asked where is it? She gave me a big hug and a long soft kiss, then said she would have to show me – It was in her bedroom, and we fixed it together. Twice. As I was getting ready to leave, she came to the back door to inform me that the repair needed more work. so we fixed it a third time. And I think it will need repair next week too. And all I did was pay attention, and make her feel like a woman should feel. Loved and Appreciated.

    • This is what the eBook can do for you it gives you the knowledge of what women want. If her husband had got the book he might have been able to read the signs of her unhappiness. This book works in all relationships no matter what stage there at/

  9. i want to make sexual relation with a married lady.she is 45yrs old and also my neighbour.her husband is a drunker.she is a dress maker.her husband has driniking habits regularly.she talks with me regularly.she always ask me about something.she is so sexy that i cannot control me.i also talk with her regularly.i think she is not satisfied with her sexual life.she talks with me by a little smile.but i think she is interested in me.give me some most powerful tips so that she will do sex with me.please help me.

    • The book has a clear direction on what to do her one of the main points would be to make her decide whether she wants you do not pressure her into anything just make her realise what she’s missing out on. Make her feel good when she’s around you and miss you when you’re not there without crossing the line.

  10. Need help with this kind of stuff email me at I’m trying to get with this married woman who likes me and I like her. I’m thinking that we are now in the friend zone. She’s sent me a pic and said that is was for her husband. Before that she asked if I liked her I was a coward and sent back “wtf”. I’m needing help we can talk about almost anything sex, weed, other girls anything. I’m not gonna do something rash or bold just yet. Email me with help any girls out there who would help please do because I do care about her very much.

  11. I’m Indian.My neighbour aunty is so sexy.She is 48 years old.She is married.She has a girl.She looks at me every time and smiles and me too.And when I reaches outside her home then my confidence increases but how to have sex with her?.she is alone at home. Her husband lives in other city

    • Similar to ben’s question you have to think about others you will be affecting but there is also hope in the fact that her husband lives in another city they may not be together anymore. The friend zone does not exist guys!!!! just give up before they can move from the friend zone to the boyfriend zone. If you read the book it helps you transition from one to the other.

  12. I am 20 and my neighbour is around forty, she has 3 kids and a husband who works overseas, I believe she is into me, we talk quite a lot and I believe she is flirting with me I am not game enough to talk to her how I feel and I’m afraid if I come onto her she might tell her husband. And how could I convince her to have sex with me?

    • Why don’t you try to befriend her and in getting closer to her you will be able to see her intentions more clearly whether she is just very friendly or she is genuinely interested in you but you have to understand she does come with 3 children so before you break up her marriage remember there will be fallout.

      • Hi Admin !
        I simply love a girl and she also likes me a lot. We both are married, we both are chidhood friends, best buddies. But after marriage whenever we see each other, there is something we want to say each other, love each other, etc… etc.. , but….. :-( I fell like love her, seduce her and etc…etc… …….. she also feels the same, but nt able to say the same as me…..
        I jst want her and she wants me…….
        Pls pls help…. how to attract her towards me….???

        • I think you and her should have a serious discussion about where you see each other as a couple and whether it could actually be a reality. Small tip the grass is not always greener on the other side so make sure she is what you want and you are what she wants.

  13. Hy. I really do love your tips man.. i’m 19yrs old, i have a pretty neighbour who is 22 without kids, her husband comes home evry weekends, i really do lyk her, she smiles and stares at me alot even though we dont talk much, i can tell she lyks me, how do i seduce her into having sex with me?. Tanx.

  14. My wife’s friend lives in my city and her husband lives in Dubai. She has one 5 yrs old child and her husband lives in Hongkong. She has been married for 6 yrs and her husband vidits twice or thrice a year for a week or fortnight. Her brother was my friend. I have started interacting with her on phone and she likes to talk and pur conversation goes long. I also share sex jokes with her. Actually she is very decent, simple, committed and loyal to her husband. She lives with her mother in law and father in law. Can I get laid with her.

    • This one looks like a lost cause unless she’s showing you the signs that she wants you there is no reason to break up a happy relationship. Sorry dude move on find another women there are plenty out there.

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