Flirting With Women

In my previous post you learned why I’ve been learning how to seduce a married woman and that is because I have long been in love with married woman. I admit, I have tried seducing other women in the past. Aside from the fact that I’m usually unsuccessful, I always come back to the thought of the woman I love. I guess you could say I used other women to help me practice for what would be my biggest confession just yet. I’m going to tell her how much I feel about her and seduce her. At this point, I haven’t seen that much success yet. Most women I talk to either laugh at me or just smile silently, looking at me awkwardly and obviously wanting to get away. Whatever other men are doing to get the ladies, I’m doing it all wrong.

Trust me when I say that I tried my hardest to be better at flirting with married woman. I tried using pick up lines I found online and even used those that I have created on my own. Not only did it not attract married woman, it merely elicited a response that wore on between annoyance and slight amusement. Those reactions weren’t what I needed on how to seduce a married woman. But I didn’t stop there.

With my perseverance to learn how to attract women, I also made use of DVD courses that aimed to help boost my confidence and guide me through the art of flirting. These DVD courses promised me with an outcome that’s bound to blow me away. Excitedly, I followed the instructions to the letter and expected better results on how to seduce a married woman. Unfortunately, I was only left frustrated and disappointed. I didn’t get the result I want. I still wasn’t getting the reactions I wanted from women I flirted with. I knew it couldn’t possibly be enough.

Persistent, I moved on to various seduction guides that are written by men who are successful in the world of flirtation. I was determined to change myself in order to get the woman I love. I tried the seduction techniques on various women but there are never any significant changes. If any, I even feel like the techniques are a bit too cliché to be worth something. These things just didn’t work out for me no matter how hard I tried to. I’m still on the lookout for something that will give me the best lessons on how to seduce a married woman.


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