Top Ten Tips On How To Seduce A Married Woman

Ten Tips on How to Seduce a Married Woman

With the Guys Get Girls eBook, I have been enjoying a wonderful flirting and seductive relationship not just with married women by also with women in general. Since I’m a generous person and I want to share my newly acquired flirting skills for all of you, I’m going to give you top ten tips not just on how to seduce a married woman but all women you’re interested in. These tips on how to attract women are lifted from the Guys Get Girls eBook with a little supplementary information based on my own experiences. Thank me for your success later.

1. Be hard to get. When you learn how to seduce a married woman, you also learn that women are not the only ones who are allowed to be hard to get. We can also use that same technique in order to attract women. You can play hard to get simply means not showing the girl that you’re not that into her at first. For instance, don’t focus solely on her in a group conversation and take interest into what her friends are saying. At this point, the second tip on attracting women will also help you.

2. Create a little competition. As stated in the first tip, you need to act like you’re not into her by also showing interest in her friends or other women in the group. You see, this creates a subconscious competition among them, making them unconsciously think of wanting you all for themselves. You will be surprised at how effective this trick is when I tried it, especially when you apply it on how to seduce a married woman.

3. Touch her arm. The outer portion of the arm isn’t too intimate to be uncomfortable for anyone you are interested in. Just lightly touch their arm during a conversation. It will make physical intimacy easier for them in the long run.

4. Hug or kiss her goodbye. This will ensure that you will be remembered by the woman you like even after the date is over. However, make sure that the woman is comfortable with the intimacy first.

5. Give her options. When you hit on a woman, it is important that you give her a choice instead of merely asking her for something because she will most likely accept an offer when given a choice. This is also extremely useful on how to seduce a married woman. For instance, instead of asking to have lunch, ask her on whether she would be more comfortable to lunch or exchanging numbers instead.

6. Take care of your appearance. This is an important factor that most men take for granted, especially for those who want to make a good impression. As Guys Get Girls author Tiffany Taylor says, shave, shower, stylish, smell, shoes.

7. Smile. This will instantly make you appear friendlier and more accommodating.

8. Appear confident. Women hate men who are pushover and those they can easily dominate with just an icy glare. Sit or stand upright and tilt your head slightly for an appearance of a confident man.

9. Maintain eye contact. This shows that you’re interested in what she’s talking about and that you’re willing to listen.

10. Show open palms. Study shows that open palms in a conversation subconsciously create an impression of honesty and sincerity. So the next time you’re gesticulating, show your palms.

You may think that attracting women is no easy feat but with these tips on how to seduce a married woman and other women in general, you will surely be a success.


How The Seduction Worked For Me

Having seen numerous comments on where I have gone and how I am doing I thought I would create a short post on just that. I encourage you guys to leave comments if you want to ask anything more in-depth or anything I do not mention in this post.

Well since my last post I have had a great two years relationship wise which I put down to the techniques the eBook has given me and to this day I still am thankful for that as I still use them and I hope you guys are using them as well or get to read the eBook soon.

Well after my last post I had my fun getting to know various women married and not, not always as partners but as friends also which can be just as rewarding. However after my fun I decided I wanted a long term relationship something a bit more meaningful and so I set out to do this using all the techniques in the book such as being hard to get, giving them options, appearing confident and so on.

After a short search I found someone and to keep it brief we had a great equal relationship which lasted for six months and to this day that person is one of my closest friends. Having grown from that relationship and finding out what I want from a partner I went looking for another long term relationship. Obviously taking care of my appearance, smelling good and using open gestures and I found my second partner of 2012 and we had an excellent relationship for 14 months. We have since split and are still good friends but have learnt so much from both relationships and I am just moving on to my third relationship which hopefully will be just as good as the last two and even better.

The one constant over the past two years has been the knowledge and the life experience the eBook has given me. Women are no longer a mystery, they are still complicated and can be frustrating sometimes but they are easy to understand when you have the know-how. If you have not read the eBook yet I ask you just read a short extract from the eBook website below.

If your more intrested in having a look at the ebook for yourself Click here. You won’t be disappointed.

P.S. If you guys or girls have any topics you would like me to talk about or discuss let me know by leaving a comment I will respond as soon as possible.

How To Seduce A Married Woman

Roughly a few weeks back, while my friends and I are hanging out, they mentioned my sudden popularity among girls. They were envious and curious on how I started getting attention when I used to be a shy, awkward guy back in the days of my unsuccessful flirting attempts. While my friends aren’t as awkward as I used to be in the past, they are highly unlikely to win any woman’s affection soon enough either. Since I shared my knowledge on how to attract women to all of you from my previous blog post, I realized I should have also shared them to my friends. So I started telling them on my journey learning how to seduce a married woman and how I stumbled upon Guys Get Girls eBook.

I told them how much my flirting and seduction tactics changed so dramatically after applying all the things I learned from the Guys Get Girls eBook and that it was the reason for my popularity among women. I explained how the eBook was written by a woman for men, in order to help us know what women really want. I gave them one tip after another on picking up women and told them to apply them in their attempts to attract women. Although they are not really trying to learn how to seduce married woman like I did, they were still very enthusiastic to learn it all.

After a few days, I got back to them and asked them how they were doing and they were thanking me profusely. They were just blown away by the results when they applied the tips I gave them to their flirting and seduction techniques. Apparently, the eBook worked wonders for their flirting and seduction techniques too. Girls who used to ignore them or laugh at their face actually went out with them for coffee or lunch ! It doesn’t matter if you’re learning how to seduce a married woman or you simply want to become more popular with the ladies, this eBook will be worth your money.

If your more intrested in having a look at the ebook for yourself Click here. You won’t be disappointed.


How To Seduce A Woman

In my previous posts, I let the cat out of the bag and told you that I’m in love with married woman, which is also the reason why I’ve been learning how to seduce a married woman. I have also told you about the different attempts that I’ve taken in order to seduce the women I love. I even talked about the various methods that claimed to help me how to talk to women and how to attract beautiful women, only to end up disappointing me over and over again. To tell you frankly, I was up to my neck in frustration and disappointment. I was really less than an inch close to giving up and just letting my dreams slip away from my hands . That was until I discovered the Guy Gets Girl eBook.

I was surfing the web, looking for a last resort for my flirting and seduction problems. Somehow, no matter how many times I felt like giving up, I also felt like there’s something out there that will be effective for me. Then I stumbled upon a website that talked about the Guy Gets Girl eBook.

Boasting a whole new approach on seduction and flirting, this eBook was written by women for men. The eBook gave me a new perspective and ideas on how to seduce a married woman. It was a refreshing change from all the pick-up lines, the DVD courses and the seduction guides I tried that were created by men for men. The eBook helped me pick up a few guidelines on how to talk to a woman and how to treat a woman right, especially if I’m attracted to her. The eBook outlines a variety of methods and techniques that will help you get the girl you want. For instance, it has tips on how to create a good first impression on a woman with five S’s, which includes shave, shower, stylish, smell and shoes. I learned how women really take a person’s appearance strongly and actually use it as an assessment tool on whether you’re dateable or not.

Although the book didn’t exactly talk on how to seduce a married woman, the tips provided can easily be used for the same purpose. After all, no matter the commitment or relationship status, women are still women right? Truthfully, I’ve never experienced something as effective as this. The moment I started applying the tips used to flirt and seduce women, I was getting more and more attention each day! Whether you’re learning on how to seduce a married woman or just seduce women in general, this eBook is definitely a must-have.


Flirting With Women

In my previous post you learned why I’ve been learning how to seduce a married woman and that is because I have long been in love with married woman. I admit, I have tried seducing other women in the past. Aside from the fact that I’m usually unsuccessful, I always come back to the thought of the woman I love. I guess you could say I used other women to help me practice for what would be my biggest confession just yet. I’m going to tell her how much I feel about her and seduce her. At this point, I haven’t seen that much success yet. Most women I talk to either laugh at me or just smile silently, looking at me awkwardly and obviously wanting to get away. Whatever other men are doing to get the ladies, I’m doing it all wrong.

Trust me when I say that I tried my hardest to be better at flirting with married woman. I tried using pick up lines I found online and even used those that I have created on my own. Not only did it not attract married woman, it merely elicited a response that wore on between annoyance and slight amusement. Those reactions weren’t what I needed on how to seduce a married woman. But I didn’t stop there.

With my perseverance to learn how to attract women, I also made use of DVD courses that aimed to help boost my confidence and guide me through the art of flirting. These DVD courses promised me with an outcome that’s bound to blow me away. Excitedly, I followed the instructions to the letter and expected better results on how to seduce a married woman. Unfortunately, I was only left frustrated and disappointed. I didn’t get the result I want. I still wasn’t getting the reactions I wanted from women I flirted with. I knew it couldn’t possibly be enough.

Persistent, I moved on to various seduction guides that are written by men who are successful in the world of flirtation. I was determined to change myself in order to get the woman I love. I tried the seduction techniques on various women but there are never any significant changes. If any, I even feel like the techniques are a bit too cliché to be worth something. These things just didn’t work out for me no matter how hard I tried to. I’m still on the lookout for something that will give me the best lessons on how to seduce a married woman.


My Problems With Married Woman

I must admit, I’m not exactly the most interesting conversationalist or the best-looking man you will ever lay eyes upon. But allow me to let you in on a little secret. I’ve been learning on how to seduce a married woman for months now because I’m in love with married woman. You may think that it’s easier to attract a married woman but in my case, it’s really not. I’m an awkward person and although I have a healthy relationship with my family, friends and co-workers, I never seem to use that same vibe to create a healthy relationship among women of my interest. These days, as if fate is teasing me, I always see gorgeous women with their arms linked to a man. What’s worse is that they’re usually the same type of guys, those that are teeming with confidence and charismatic enough to be thought of as attractive. It appears as though all the things I’ve learned on how to seduce a married woman isn’t working at its best.

Somehow, I think that if I were just confident enough or if I didn’t become nervous at the mere thought of talking to an attractive woman, I would get them to like me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read tips on how to attract women and books on how to meet women. However, I only end up failing because I can’t even get the nerve to talk to them or say anything to them.

Sometimes, when I do get the guts to approach them and strike a conversation, I always end up talking nonsense. I talk about certain things and initiate topics that usually turn off the woman I’m talking to. When worse comes to worst, I end up looking obnoxious and cocky. Instead of utilizing the tips I learned in order to gain the approval of women I talk to, I single-handedly drive them away, no tips or guides needed. As of now, I’m aware that I need more practice on how to seduce a married woman.